Quick Guide for Purchasing Memberships and General Shape Questions

What do I do when a new Client walks through the door?

  • Add a New User
  1. Quick Functions -> Add User
  2. Add Member details (required fields are customizable - usually first name, last name, gender, address, city, state, zip, home phone, cell phone, and email. This can be changed under Tools->System Settings->User Add/Edit Settings)
  3. Select a Membership Type under Purchase Membership.
  4. Save and go to billing
    1. Set EFT Preference (top – membership, services, and counter sales - POS)
    2. Default is either primary credit card, bank account or exclude – set the default for your organization under Tools->System Settings->User Add/Edit Settings
    3. Add credit card or bank account
  5. Choose “Continue” or “Purchase Membership” (if you skipped a membership at step 3) at the bottom of the screen. Complete the purchase process.


  • Purchase a Membership for members that already exist in Shape
    1. Quick Functions -> Purchase Membership, search by last name (member added in previous step)
    2. Choose Membership Category
    3. Choose Membership Type
    4. Choose “Override Values” if any changes are needed on the membership type (third line, on the right - not typical unless you are running a special or giving a discount).
    5. Click “Recalculate” if any changes are made –  check  first payment amount at the top and make sure it shows the correct value from the override.
    6. Click “Open Membership”
    7. Click “Make First Payment” – top middle option
      • Amount defaults to what is due today but you can change it if they are doing a partial payment or paying an additional amount.
      • Click Continue
    8. Checkout screen – STEP 3: Check the payment tender, will default to the settings in the billing screen for the member. It can be changed to the credit card, bank account, etc. Click SUBMIT, continue.
    9. Sign document for all required signatures (View Memberships->Document Locker->Select Facility Document, choose membership agreement)
    10. Add required signatures and click “Save Contract”.
    11. Click to Continue


**The billing date can be defaulted to a specific date or multiple choices. This is set up under Tools>>System Settings>>Membership Settings**


**The membership agreement can also appear as soon as the membership is purchased if you want to require signature before payment is made. This is set up under each individual membership type. Functions->Memberships->View Types, edit on the type and set the assigned document field**


Family Memberships

  • Additional family members can be added from the add user screen when adding the primary member. Expand “Add Additional Family Members”.  Or Quick Functions->Add User.
  • To purchase, choose the secondary “add on” membership type, and link to the primary.
  • For the primary, adjust the rate to include two or more people (View Memberships>>Adjust)


How do I view memberships that have been purchased?

  • Quick Functions -> View Memberships
  • Search by last name and/or use the query drop down and choose custom query to filter results


How do I find my daily transactions?

  • Quick Functions -> Financial Transactions
  • Reports -> Financial -> Financial Transactions

How do I check someone in?

  • Quick Functions -> Checkin
  • Scan keytag or fob

How do I purchase a water or other retail items?

  • Quick POS -> Water
  • Quick Functions -> View Catalog
  • Functions -> Point of Sale -> Product List or View Catalog
  • Add item to cart – checkout, process payment

How do I customize my Shape system?

  • Tools -> System Settings

How do I create/edit Security Templates?

  • Tools -> Security -> Templates?

How do I add/edit Quick buttons?

  • Tools -> Edit Quick Functions
  • Tools -> Edit Quick Reports
  • Tools -> Edit Quick POS
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