Quick Guide – Purchasing Memberships * Purchasing Service Packages * Scheduling Sessions

Step 1 - Purchasing Memberships

Generally, it is always best to go to Quick Functions -> User and search for prospective member to make sure they are not already in your system.  If they are not already in your system as a Member, Guest or Prospect, add them in as a Member.

There are two ways to purchase a membership for a new member.  

I.  Add a New User AND Purchase Membership from the same screen

  1.  Quick Functions -> Add User
  2.  Add Member details
  3.  Use the drop down to ‘Select a Membership’
  4.  Save and go to billing
  5.  Set EFT Preference (top) and add credit card or bank account
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and 'Click Here to Continue'
  7. Click 'Sign Contract'.  Have the Member sign the document and Save
  8. 'Make First Payment'
  9. Click 'Continue'
  10. Take the Payment
  11. Email Receipt to Member

II.  If it is necessary to override values on the membership (i.e., price, waiving payments, term date etc.), you will not be able to purchase the membership from the same screen that you add user.  First you add the member, then you purchase the membership.

  • Add a New User
  1. Quick Functions -> Add User
  2. Add Member details
  3. Save and go to billing
  4. Set EFT Preference (top) and add credit card or bank account
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Purchase Membership'
  6. Click the appropriate Product Category box
  7. Select the appropriate membership type
  8. Click the 'Override Values' link
  9. Make any necessary changes
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Open Membership'
  11. Sign the Contract
  12. Make First Payment

**If the Member is already in the system and you DO NOT need to Add User as a Member first.

  • Purchase a Membership
    1. Quick Functions -> Purchase Membership, search by last name
    2. Choose Membership Type
    3. Sign document for all required signatures and save.
    4. Make first payment 

III.  Purchase a Service Package

  1. Quick Functions -> Purchase Services, search by last name (if Member is new, Add User ** Back to the top)
  2. Click the ‘Purchase Services’ link
  3. Select from the Product Category, then select the appropriate service package
  4. Verify the information is correct – then ‘Continue (Purchase One)
  5. Sign document for all required signatures and Save
  6. Make first payment

 IV. Schedule a Session  Scheduling Personal Training

  1. Quick Functions -> Sched Matrix
  2. Select the Date, Time and Trainer to be scheduled
  3. Right click on the timeslot and click on ‘Add Appointment’
  4. Start typing Member’s last name in the ‘Member’ field and select the appropriate Member.  If the Member owns more than one package, be sure to select the correct package to deplete sessions from under the ‘Service Package’ field
  5. **If adding as a recurring appointment, be sure to select ‘YES’ next to ‘Perm Appt Alert’.  (Member will display in your Alert Center two weeks before the appointments run out so that you can easily extend the appointments, if necessary).  Select the number of weeks to be repeated and the days of the week.
  6. Click ‘Add Appointment’
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