Sales CRM Quick Guide

Sales CRM Quick Guide



Shapenet offers a Fully integrated Sales CRM.

You can now enable your staff to effectively manage all Prospects & guests leading to a higher Member Conversion.

  • Track & manage Email/ Calls to and from prospect
  • Track Sales Stage
  • Sales Specific Scheduler
  • Report on the effectiveness of your Staff


Functions -> Sales CRM -> Add Prospect

  • Ability to add a new prospect into your Shapenet Database

Functions -> Sales CRM -> Prospect / Guest Calls

  • View and manage your prospects / guests in your Shapenet Database

Functions -> Sales CRM -> Salesperson Schedule Matrix

  • Track & manage all non-revenue generating meetings: Tours, Client meetings, Trial assessments

Functions -> Sales CRM -> Search Prospects/Guests

  • Admin will be directed to Find User Screen, Query Defaulted to Active Prospect



Reports –> Sales CRM –> Prospect/Guest Analysis

  • Defaults to list of All active guests/ Prospects
    • Best Practice: Custom Query – Set Current sales stage to focus on prospects that are ready to close, recall information from people that were at one time interested in your services for marketing.

Reports -> CRM -> Prospect/ Guest Management

  • Track the in & out bound conversations of your sales team


Reports –> Sales CRM -> Probability Analysis

  • View the Sales probability of your clients converting. Each Member profile has the ability add a probability under the users’ Miscellaneous field.

Reports –> Sales CRM -> Prospects/ Guests Expected to Purchase

  • View prospects/ Guests that are expected to close within the query’s settings

Reports -> Sales CRM -> Prospects/ Guests Never Contacted

  • Easily locate Prospects or guests that have never been contacted.

Reports -> Sales CRM -> Sales Summary Report

-With 1 click you can create a PDF that shows you team their overall preparedness & effectiveness.

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