Release 8260 Notes December 2017


  • Now your members can learn more about your trainers from the member portal. Trainer�s BIOS and PIC will be featured on the member portal when viewing class schedule.
  • To add the Bio go to edit on the trainer's detail page, add the picture and towards the bottom add the bio.


  • The Discount Code can now be assigned with limited use to a specific membership type or service type to be used by a member when you sell either online.  Go to functions Membership Member Type or Functions Services View Types� select the discount code. To add discount codes, go to functions- POS- discount codes, add code.


  • 3 New Security Settings to allow you to manage the member portal- Allow online POS purchase, Online Payment and online Membership Purchase.  These can be found in Tools - System Settings � Member Portal Settings


  • You now have the ability to add a Roll Over Membership when members join online. Go to Functions >Membership> Membership Type and add a roll membership type - remember to select Member can purchase on online


  • Need to mass text all your employees? Well now it�s easy right from Find Users. Remember we have a texting service that will auto update your member�s cell phone carriers. Contact Client Support for more details.  Find Users � select Employees under User Type and select texting icon at the top right of the heading of the report.


  • Multi facility � you can now edit the Member�s details - contact info, barcode and billing info from any facility.  Search for the member via the search icon on the top left - view details, update info.


  • If you have a play or care center for children within your facility, you should try out the Child Watch section. You can now take a picture from your computer while using Chrome.  Functions-child watch-Add Child.


  • Ability to make the sales rep mandatory when purchasing a membership or service.  Two areas you can use it: tools - system Settings - Service Settings - Require Sales Rep selection when purchasing Service and Membership Settings - Require Sales Rep selection when purchasing Membership


  • Are you selling Memberships from your website? A Membership Type can be directly linked to your website with your own background color.  To set the background color go to non-member portal settings and select the color. Contact us if you haven't set up your website to link to your memberships.


  • The Open Balance Combined Report now can be customized. New columns were added, phone numbers and address of members. Remember you can easily mass text and email those delinquent accounts to gently remind them to pay via the member portal or to come in!  Reports � Financial Open Balance Combined � select the Tools icon to adjust. Because we know how most of the country rather text than talk, we added the capability to several reports. The following either have mass email, mass texting or both.
    • If you haven�t seen these reports, you will gain lots of new and useful knowledge.  Functions EFT Validate � to help you validate your batch prior to running it. Shows you expired cc. Reports � Retention � Checkin Analysis � Last Checkin Date Analysis � Last Training Date Analysis � Member Training Analysis � Members w/out Training pkgs. � Training Payment Analysis.


  • The Membership Checklist Report has undergone some changes! It now allows you to look for contracts that have been signed. It also allows you to select the membership types now.  Reports- Membership � Membership Checklist


  • The Unused Sessions Report now can exclude unlimited packages and can custom filter on pkg. type  Reports -Financial � Unused Session Report


  • Many Bugs/Issues have been resolved based on tickets that have been submitted.



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