SMS/Text in Shape

How to set up your ShapeNet system to send SMS text messages.

1.  First, make sure your Member can receive text messages:

Quick Functions -> View Members 

Click the Details link in the Actions column next to the Member name

In the 'Contact' area, the following fields should be set:

  • cell phone
  • cell provider
  • Enable SMS Alerts: to YES

2.  Next, set the 'Reply To' field in System Settings:

Tools -> System Settings -> Email/Text Settings

The 'Reply To' field MUST be an email address.  DO NOT ENTER A PHONE NUMBER. You can either enter your email address or enter the 'Do Not Reply' email address.

  • Set the Reply To Address(From SMS): to ""
  • Set the Reply To Address(From SMS): to ""

 3.  Sending Text messages (as long as #1 is done, there will be a link for Send SMS in the following areas:

  • Find User
  • View Member

You can send text messages individually or by Mass Text using the icon on the upper right of the search results.




4.  Functions -> Marketing -> SMS -> View/Add SMS Templates

  • Activate any system defined SMS templates or add new templates


5.  Tools -> System Settings -> Scheduled Appointment Settings 

  • Daily Appointment Reminders ‑ SMS ‑ Time of day to send:
  • Daily Appointment Reminders ‑ SMS ‑ Summarize appointments for:
  • Member Online Registration ‑ Notify trainer by SMS:
  • Scheduled Appointment Admin Action ‑ SMS notify member of adds and drops:
  • Scheduled Appointment Admin Action ‑ SMS notify member of processing actions:
  • Scheduled Appointment Admin Action ‑ SMS notify trainer of adds and drops:
  • Scheduled Appointment Admin Action ‑ SMS notify trainer of processing actions:



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