Adding Late Fees in Bulk

There are two ways to add late fees to your Memberships in bulk.  Adding the fees through EFT will also add late fees to Services also.


1.  From your EFT batch - If the Member's dues payment fails in your batch, you an add a late fee to all of the failures in bulk.  

Go to Functions -> EFT -> View Batches;

After you batch has been finalized, you will see a link "Add Fees to Fails".  Click this link;

All of the Members who failed in this specific batch will display.  You can remove anyone you do not want to add a fee to by unchecking the box next to their name.

Enter the amount to charge, a reason and select a Charge Type.

Click the button for 'Add Payments'.  

All of the Members will have a new Scheduled Payment added for the late fee.  You can either draft them again in a Re-Run batch or choose to collect from them by phone or email.


2.  Go to Functions -> Memberships -> Add Scheduled Payment;

You will want to add a late fee to anyone with an open balance > or = to 1 and Search.  (It is usually not necessary to enter a Member Since date for this purpose);

You should enable the box at the top of the grid to enable all Members, then work through the list disabling any Member you do not want to add a Late Fee to;

Enter the amount to charge, a reason and select a Charge Type.

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