Super User Password - Clients with more than 1 Shape System

Password synching when you have more than 1 Shape system.  


  1. Submit a ticket requesting Super User setup and  confirming that a single system be set as Primary
  2. Receive notification that Super User status is setup and Primary confirmed

Setup – Primary System

  1. Login to your Primary Location with your LOGIN.
  2. Navigate to Functions, Users, Find Users – locate your Admin Profile
  3. From Actions, click Access Control
  4. In the Primary Facility Code field, enter the number that is next to your Login ID in the upper right hand corner of the screen (after the parenthesis and before the dash).
  5. Check the box: Is SuperAdmin.
  6. Click the Update SA Settings button.

Sent up remaining systems

  1. Log into each secondary system and navigate the to Access Control screen for your admin id.
  2. Make sure that the Login Id matches the login id from the PRIMARY system. If not change it to match and click the Update Login Id button.
  3. In the Primary Facility Code field, enter the value from the PRIMARY system.
  4. Check the box: Is SuperAdmin.
  5. Click the Update SA Settings button.

Synching the Passwords

  1. Log into the Primary Facility
  2. Navigate to Tools > Change Password
  3. Fill in the Password and Confirm Password fields.
  4. Check the box: Apply this change to all of the facilities listed below? Circled above.
  5. Click Update Password and the process will be initiated and runs in the background.
  6. Review the Audit log in the Primary system for success and failures.


NOTE : Please do not use the special character "&" sign. The system does not recognize this and the password will not work.

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