How do I set up an easy way to up-charge clients for training?

Functions-> Point of Sale-> Add Product

Create a $1 Training Up-charge Product

  1. Quantity in Stock: Set to an unreachable number such as 9999
  2. Cost = 1
  3. Price = 0
  4. Short Description: Extra training charges
  5. Long Description: Add a more detailed description
  6. Select an appropriate income/product category (ex. Personal Training)
  7. Click [Save]
Charge Client for Extra/Additional Training
  1. Functions-> Point of Sale-> Product List
  2. Locate the $1 Training Up-Charge Product added above, click [Purchase One]
  3. Above the product list, click [Checkout (1 item)]
  4. Step 1 Select a Purchaser: click [Select a Purchaser] and locate the appropriate client
  5. In the Purchase Details section, under the actions column, click [$]
  6. Enter the up-charge amount in the Override Price field, and enter a reason
  7. Click [Override]
  8. Continue with collection of payment by entering the appropriate payment type
  9. Click [Submit]
**Note: The above instructions will not affect trainer payroll; if this is a factor, this option will not work for up-charging training clients.
***Note:  Assign a Quick POS button to the product to easily purchase it from your Quick POS.
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