Member Check-In Detail Report

Member Check-In Detail Report
Reports - > Checkin -> Member Check-In Detail
Usage:  Bill for, or report to corporations and insurance companies, or other entities member visits.  Provide clients detail accounts of their visits. 

Search Criteria

  • Last name:
  • Default Query - Today

By default the report is set to look up a member that may have checked in to day.  But you are not limited to just today’s checkins

  • Last Year
  • Year to Date
  • Quarter - 1st
  • Quarter - 2nd
  • Quarter - 3rd
  • Quarter - 4th
  • Last Month
  • Month to Date
  • Yesterday

Custom Query options provide the ability to set  the following criteria

  • by Checkin Date
  • Membership Type
  • Access Code

and the following all collected on the Member Detail Page

  • Prime #
  • Member’s City
  • Swipe Card
  • Member Type
  • Postal Code

The results presented are

  • Client’s System ID, and Swipe Card ID
  • Prime Number
  • First and Last name
  • Member & Membership Type
  • City and Postal Code
  • Date and Time of Checkin
  • Date of Birth

Customize Display
Control the fields displayed and exported by clicking the Customize Display option at the upper right hand corner of the result table. Uncheck the fields that are not required in display or file export, click Save.

Download List
The results can be downloaded into a txt file.  Find the Download List option at the upper right hand corner of the result table.  Click Download List, and save the downloaded file to a location it can be retrieved.  Open EXCEL.  Use File, Open in Excel, navigate to the file location, change the file type indicator to All or *.*.  locate the saved file, click Open.

In more recent version of Excel the Text to Data Wizard will open.  Click Next, check the Comma box, click Next, Click Finish.
In older versions of Excel, the wizard will not open on its own.  Click on Data, click Convert Text to Data.  Click Next, check the Comma box, click Next, Click Finish.

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