Quick Links for Administrator Portal

Quick Functions allows an Administrator to get to the actions they perform more often quickly and easily. Quick Links are customizable per user.  Each Administrator will have to enable their own Quick Links.  The Quick Links that are available are based on Security.

1.  Enable the Quick Links in the Administrator Group Security Template

     Tools -> Security -> Templates;

     Select Administrator from the User Type drop down;

     Select the Template from the Admin Group drop down, Front Desk for example.

     Enable the box for 'Quick Links', then click Save


****NOTE - It is not necessary to expand the Quick Links to enable the specific Functions.  The only Functions that will display when turning on the Quick Links will be based Securities enabled under 'FUNCTIONS'.

2.  After the Administrator logs in, go to Tools -> Edit Quick Functions from the main menu bar

3.  Enable to box next to the functions that you perform on a regular basis and Save.

4.  Now hover over your Quick Function bubble in the top right corner to see your Quick Functions in the drop down.

5.  Follow the same steps for Quick Reports and Quick POS.

****NOTE - Quick POS must first be assigned a button from Functions -> Point of Sale -> Product List.  Click the Edit link next to the product you wish to add to the Quick POS.  Assign a button to your product from the drop down list next to the POS Quick Link Mapping field.


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