How do I process Point of Sale items using NACHA?

How do you process point of sale items using NACHA?

NACHA is an alternate method of processing ACH transactions that allows you to send a batch file directly to your bank. Point of sale transactions are typically done using the electronic check feature, which is possible when processing ACH transactions through a gateway, but not possible when processing ACH transactions using NACHA.

As a workaround to this, consider allowing members to purchase POS items using the bill me later feature, and then creating a batch either daily or weekly to submit the transactions to your bank. By creating a batch to process the ACH transactions, this gives you more control over the monitoring of the open balances and what has failed through the ACH transactions.

You can run the Open Balances (POS) report on a daily or weekly basis to see what needs to be processed (Reports>>Financial), and then create the batches as needed. This batch is similar to a credit card batch and there will be 3 things necessary in order for a batch to run for NACHA ACH transactions:

1. The member needs to have a balance due for POS.
2. The client needs to have their EFT preference set in their billing section (View Members >> Edit Billing) to Bank Account.
3. The client needs to have billing information for the Bank Account set. (View Members >> Edit Billing).

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