Simplifying your Monthly Billing - How can I tell which members have an expired or expiring credit card?

Simplifying your Monthly Billing

A simple practice that can be included within your monthly billing routines would be to check your members profiles for any upcoming Expiring Credit Cards. This simple and easy to do process will allow for you to increase your batch results and improve your bottom line.

Once you are logged into your Shape.Net system: First click REPORTS -> MISC/STAT -> CREDIT CARD EXPIRE REPORT

Once the report has been ran you will see members with a red expiration date who's cards are currently Expired & Members with a Black expiration date that will be expiring at the end of the month.

From here you quickly send an email to the listed email address to alert the user to update their profile, or their phone number is provided and a member of your staff can follow up with each client personally.

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