How to Install and test your Topaz Signature Pad

Installation of Topaz Signature Pad  

  1. Make sure to Unplug the Pad
  2. Download the SigPlusBasic Software from Topaz Systems
  3. Install the SigPlusBasic Software
  4. If asked to install demo link on desktop choose yes
  5. At the Welcome Screen click Next


Select the correct operating system
When asked if this will be used for Excel Documents – choose NO


When asked if this will be used for Adobe Documents – choose NO


When asked if you have a signature pad – choose YES


Choose your signature pad model from the list and click OK


Select the Connection Type  - USB and click OK


Click Finish
Plug the Signature Pad back into the USB port and wait for the computer to install device drivers.
Go To Tools – System Settings – Other Settings
Has Signature Pad Setting should be set to YES and Save
Log into Shape.Net and test by signing an actual document.
If a RED X appears when making a signature, please follow the instructions for allowing Active X controls to run in Trusted Sites.    Active X Settings
After completing the signature process with a test document, confirm that the document can be viewed and has a signature.

If help is needed after following these instructions, please submit a support ticket with the details of the problem and what step you are on.

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