How to configure and test a credit card swipe reader

  • All credit card swipe readers must be USB and are plug and play and should not require any additional set up.
  1. Plug the CC swiper into the USB port and perform a quick test
  2. Open Notepad
  3. Swipe Any credit Card into notepad
  4. If configured and working properly the Credit Card Information will appear on one line and the cursor will be on the second line
  5. For Example:


If you get any other results than above the CC Swipe Reader will need to be configured.  

  • Obtain the make/model/manufacturer of the credit card swipe reader 

For a  MAGTEK USB Credit Card Swipe Reader

  1. Download and install the USB Swipe and Insert Reader Demo at :
  2. After Installed - click start go to all programs -- MagTek and open USBMSR demo
  3. Make sure the cc swipe reader is plugged into computer
  4. On the bottom of the program  - it will read "Detected HID mode device"
  5. Click on File - Open - select "Change to Keyboard.txt" on the third line
  6. This will bring you back to the main screen and you see text in the load file line ending in “change to Keyboard.txt”. 
  7. Click on downl
  8. oad on the right of that line. In a few seconds, you will see text in the dialog box and then the bottom of
  9. the program will say detected KB mode device.
  10. Perform Quick Test Again in Notepad

For a  IDTECH  USB Credit Card Swipe Reader

  1. Go to IDTECH's website
  2. Download and Install the MagSwipe Configuration Utility
  3. Connect the Credit Card Swipe Reader to the computer
  4. Click Start -- All Programs -- MagSwipe Configuration Utility
  5. Click "Selected Reader Interface" - check off USB and hit Continue
  6. Click on Change Basic Reader Settings
  7. Click the Track Settings Tab
  8. Remove the "\cr" from the Track Separator option window
  9. Click "Send to MSR" button
  10. Click OK to the window that pops up "The configuration settings have been written to MagSwipe device successfully"
  11. Perform Quick Test again in Notepad

If you still are not able to swipe a credit card through ShapeNet please open a support ticket!!

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