Add and View Trainer Availability

Functions->Scheduler->Trainer Availability

OR Functions-> Scheduler-> Sched Matrix.  From the Quick Menu in the center, click Trainer Avail

Set Trainer Availability

  1. Select [Add Availability] from the drop down menu
  2. To the right of the Trainer field, choose the appropriate trainer
  3. Adjust the Schedule Date to the date to start availability
  4. Enter up to four Available Time Ranges by entering a start and end time.*  
  5. If this trainers availability will be repeated, select the number of Weeks Repeated and check off the days of the week these times cover.
  6. Add any appropriate notes
  7. Click [Add Availability]
  8. Repeat for other days of the week
  9. If you chose the same day of the week again, the original will be over-written

*NOTE: If more than four Available Time Ranges are required, simply expand Available Time Range 1 to include any breaks.  From the Sched Matrix, click [Open] at the time a trainer is not available.  Appointment for [Classes]; select class [NOT_AVAIL].

Viewing Trainer availability

  1. View Availability, Select
  2. Custom Query, (or pick a pre-written query_
  3. set criteria - click SEARCH
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