How to Adjust a Membership

Adjust owned "Membership"

At times, it may be necessary for you to make an 'adjustment' to a membership that is already purchased by the Member.  

You will have the ability to change the current "start date", "term date", "period rate", "initiation fee", "access control group", "rollover membership type", "rollover billing date of the month", and  "override rollover period rate".  You will also have the ability to update "Scheduled Extra Membership Charges" such as, "extra charge frequency", "extra charge type", "extra charge amount", and the "extra charge date both month and day".  You will then need to add a "reason" for this adjustment.

1.  View memberships

2.  Enter Last name (starts with), then click "Search" then click "Edit" (the pencil icon)

3.  Under the "Actions" Column click on "Adjust"

4.  Update the fields to be adjusted, enter a Note and click 'Save'.


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