How do I allow guests to register for a free class on the member portal?

In order to allow guests to register for a class on the member portal, the following system settings need to be enabled:

System Settings:
Non-member settings
Enable Non-Member self-registration: Yes
Enable Non-Member View CMS Page: Yes (Class Schedule, Memberships, and Services)

Online Purchase Settings
Allow Non-Member Online Service Purchase: Yes

Next, create the free class. (See below)

Create Class
1.  Functions, Classes, Add a Class
2.  Fillout Class form,
    2a. use Session field to deduct sessions from Member's Packages
    2b. use Price to display/sell package online to Guests
    2c. use Session Type Normal, typical class, yoga, aerobic step, zumba, etc.
    2b. use Session Type GroupTrain, for personal training in Group session

Add the class to the schedule.
Finally, create a service type for $0 for the free class. Limit it to scheduling only certain classes and choose the free class. Set the field Non-Member Can Purchase Online: Yes.

Once these steps are complete, the non-member will be able to purchase a $0 service package and then register for the class. Keep in mind that once a service package is purchased, the guest is converted to a member.

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