Multi-Facility Check-in

Detailed information on setting up and synching multiple systems for unified check-in


  1. Base system – the facility chosen to house the list of clients and their swipe cards in all of the connected systems
  2. Home system – the primary system of a member.
  3. Satellite System – any facility for a member that is not their Home system

 Configuration Steps

  1. Determine which clubs are to be synched
    1. Staunton
    2. Culpeper
    3. Fredericksburg
    4. Charlottesville
  2. Select one club to act as the BASE system
    1. Culpeper
  3. Pre-Check for duplicates – copy all of the cards and load into test table and run query for dupes
    1. Using temp table, Select card_id, count(*) from a_mf_checkin_master_tester
    2. Report to client for fixing. Continue once fixed.
  4. Update the facility_master of each system to include all the systems to be synched
    1. Connection strings need to be accurate
    2. Each record must have a shape_checkin_uid and shape_checkin_key (Same for BCS)
    3. Make sure the base system is correctly set in each facility_master
      1. There can be only one base system
      2. Currently the use_in_mf (reports) flag controls the list of clubs to synch to:
        1. This means that ALL the facilities available in MF reporting need to be configured for checkin
  5. In web.config and client’s config file and client_config table
    1. Set Multifacility_checkin_enabled = True
    2. Set shape_checkin_uid and key
  6. Go to functions > Checkin > Multifacility User Synch in Base system (Culpeper) to load base table
    1. This can be run by the client in the future and any number of times if the base system gets out of synch
      1. Example, if base system was down and a new user was added to an external system


Check in process

  1. When a client checks in to a Satellite System, the system checks the Base Systems master table to get the clients Home system
  2. The system then sends swipe information to the clients Home system and the home systems records (if good) and sends back the results – just like the Background Check-in Process.
  3. When I client checks in to their home system, they are routed to the normal check-in screen for that facility.
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