Using Assessment Groups

How to create and implement Assessment Groups 

  1. Functions, Fitness Assessments, Add Assessment Group
  2. Enter title, and description of new Assessment Group
  3. Check off the items to include in the new Assessment Group
  4. Click Save

How to use an Assessment Group with a particular member

  1. Functions, Fitness Assessments, view Members
  2. Use the query function to locate member to be assessed, for a simple search drop query to All
  3. Enter last name, click search
  4. Optional:  from Actions, click Goals, drop Assessment Grouping to desired template, and enter the member’s goal values, click Save Assessment Goals
  5. From Actions, click Add
  6. Drop down to the desired Assessment Grouping
  7. Enter the date of assessment, and the next assessment date
  8. Enter current values, including adding an image if desired
  9. Click Record Assessment.
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