How do I use the Alert Center in my Shape System?

If you would like the Alert Center to include any of these items, you will need to click “Edit” on the Alert Center Header.  Once you do that then make sure the box is checked off for the query’s you want at hand in the Alert Center on the Dash Board.


Missed Calls is one of the most popular of the Alerts, this will be a check list for your Sales Reps, or Recruiting team.  Once you track a client’s contact that is either to be made or needs to be set the calls will populate on the missed call Alert.  Once you click on missed calls they will be broken down to calls that need to be made to your members, prospects, or guests.  For this function to work properly you will need to make sure that the client has information on the Client’s Contact History. 


For example, you can set a future call date for a client, you can record any action taken by clicking on “log contact event” when in the contact history screen.  From there a window will pop up and you can continue filling out the details such as;


Action – what was done ex. Call made



Result – what was the result of that call – ex. Sale Made


Next Contact Date: if you want to set a follow up date (this will trigger in the calls for today Alert)  if you do not wish to enter a date, you can check the box marked “Next Contact Date NOT required”.  You can also select to have them on the list to be called in one week, two weeks, one month, three months, six months, or next year.


If a user wishes not be contacted, you will click on the box, “**Do Not Contact**.


You have the ability to select the Contact Priority for your client, is this client Urgent, High, Medium, Low, or is a priority not applicable (none), you can also check off the have this priority to be shown as an Alert at check in by checking off the box.


You will also have the ability to add notes to this contact which you are logging.  For Example; Sale Made – client signed up to XYZ Service package, took payment over the phone, or client in interested in Service Package XYZ, coming in next Friday for tour of facility.


Once this contact log is added, and a future appointment date is set it will now populate in the Alert Center if that Alert is set.  The calls to be made will either populate in the Calls for Today or be broken down by user type, if the calls were missed they will appear the next day under Missed Calls, and again be broken down by user type.



Check in Alerts, is another of our most used Alert on our dashboard.  If this Alert is set, you will see on a button in the Alert Center named, Check in Alerts (yesterday). By clicking on the button, you will see any client checked in yesterday with any type of alert associated with their check-in. For example, you will see a client that checked in with a low session count, or clients that have assessments that are due, even clients that owe $$.  You can also view these check-ins from other screens such as;


Functions >> Check-in >> Check-in Activity

You can query on names, dates, or a Custom Query.  To view the clients check-in screen for more details you can click on “View Check-in screen”, “send email”, “Member info”.


Scheduled Appointments running out is another popular Alert.  If this alert is set, once you click on this it will show you a list of client that have a low session count, you will be able to click on the individual clients and send them an email.  You can also gather this information if you do not have the Alert set by doing the following;


Reports >> Training >> Appointments Running out (5)


If you would like further information on how Shape Net’s Client Retention Management can work for your facility please open a ticket by sending an email to , or by booking a coaching call from the HELP tab from your Shape System. 


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