Create and Apply Payment An Expense

Add Payee to your System as a Vendor

  • Go to Quick Functions-> Add User
  • User Type = Vendor
  • Enter a company name and display name
  • Enter a first and last name (optional)
  • Select gender (optional)
  • Enter address and contact information
  • Click [Save]

Create and Apply Payment for an Expense

  • Go to Functions-> Expenses-> Expenses
  • Click the mceclip0.png icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select the [Payee] you added in the step above from the drop down menu
  • Enter a [Due Date] and an [Amount]
  • To simultaneously create and apply payment for an expense, check the box to the right of [Create AND Apply Payment].  **Note: This ONLY tracks money being paid; NO money is ever moved from Shape.  Also, if you only want to add an expense without taking a payment, do not check the box to [Create AND Apply Payment].  This will allow you to take a partial payment as well.


  •  Enter a payment method and amount.
  • Select or [Add New] expense category
  • Click [Add Expense]
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