How to Edit a Scheduled Class Time

To Edit the Time of an Individual Class

Functions-> Scheduler-> Sched Matrix

  • Find and click on the scheduled class from the schedule matrix
  • Under the actions column, click [Swap]
  • Change the time of the class; you are also given the opportunity to change the instructor if desired.
  • Click [Swap]
*Note: If the new time is within the original time of the scheduled class, a conflict will occur and an error message will be displayed.  If this is the case, it is recommended that the class be deleted, and rescheduled.

To Edit the Time of a Repeating Class

Functions-> Scheduler-> Sched Matrix

  • Above the calendar in the Sched Matrix, click on the sub-item [FutureAppt]
  • Click [View Classes (including NOT AVAILs)]
  • Search by the instructor/trainer's lastname, or use the query options to locate the class
  • Under the actions column, to the left of the scheduled class, click [Delete Future Class for all Days]
  • Reschedule the class at the appropriate time/date; Functions-> Scheduler-> Sched Matrix.
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