How can I pay a trainer for both per session and per participant based on a class?

How can I pay a trainer for both per session, and per participant?

Example ;  $4 per attendee /$12 min per class /$40 maximum per class

The system can either generate commission for per session, or per participant not both.

What we can do is set the class type up for to have the price reflect example,$12.00, and set the sub type up as "Normal". Then in system settings turn on a feature that will itemize normal class participants so you can get a count and adjust the commission from there.

To do this;

Functions >> Classes >> View Types
Price = 12.00
Class Subtype = Normal
check off the box "APPLY class charge to trainer payroll"
Save - this is how you can also set up the flat rate for the class scenarios for example ; Bootcamp, or Corporate Fitness

Tools >> System Settings >> Trainer Settings (to turn on the itemize)
Check off the first box named, "Itemize Normal Class Type Participants"

For the $4 per attendee /$12 min per class $40 maximum per class, the trainer commission report will now itemize the clients that are marked as "done" so you will have a count for the trainer commission and you can manually adjust according to the participants.

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