How do I make sure emails aren't filtered as spam?

AOL 7, 8:

* Go to “Mail Controls” 
* Type “” as the name of the email 
* Select “Customize Mail Controls” 
* For AOL 7.0, under “Exclusion and inclusion parameters,” add  
* For AOL 8.0, under “Allow mail from AOL Members and addresses listed” add 
* Click “Add” and then click “OK”

AOL 9:

* Open an email from 
* Click on the address, which will open a new window titled “Info” 
* Click on “Add to address book.” 
* Click on “Save” in the new window


Using TotalAccess Mailbox (Windows):

* Open TotalAccess and choose “Mailbox” 
* Click on the “Address” button 
* Click “File” and select “New Company” 
* Type * “
* Click “Add” and then “Ok”

Using Web Mail (Macintosh or Windows Online):

* Click on “Address Book” below your inbox and other mail folders 
* Click on “All Categories” and then on “Companies” 
* Click the “Add” button 
* Type * “ 
* Click “Allow This Company” 
* Click “Save


* Open your Hotmail mailbox 
* Click on “Options link,” on the main menu tabs 
* Click on “Junk Email Protection” link 
* Click on “Safe List” Type in the filed under “Type an address or domain” 
* Click “Add” 
* If you see a  email in your junk mail folder, click “This is not junk mail” to avoid having emails from the same source sent to the junk mail folder in the future


* Open your Yahoo mailbox 
* Click “Mail Options” 
* Click “Filters” 
* Click “Add” 
* In the top row, labeled “From header:,” make sure “Contains” is selected in the pull-down menu 
* Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter * At the bottom, where it says “Move the Message To:” select “Inbox” from the pull-down menu. 
* Click the “Add Filter” button again 
* If the email has been filtered to your bulk folder, simply open the message and click on the “This is not spam” link next to the “From” field

McAfee Spamkiller:

* Click “Friends” from the sidebar 
* Click “Add” 
* Make sure “All users at a domain” is selected under “Friend type” 
* Type * in the address field 
* Click “OK”

Norton AntiSpam:

* Start up Norton AntiSpam, Click the “Status and Settings” tab 
* Click “AntiSpam” (middle of the screen) 
* Click yellow “Configure” button (in the bottom-right of screen) 
* Click “Allowed List tab” (the second tab on the list of tabs) 
* Click “Add” button (in the lower–left of the screen) 
* In the “Email Address” box, enter* 
* Click on “OK”

Outlook 2003:

* Start Outlook 
* On the “Tools” menu, click “Options” 
* On the “Preferences” tab, click “Junk Email” 
* n the “Safe Senders” tab, click “Add” 
* In the “Add address or domain” dialog box, type and then click “OK” 
* Click “OK” to close the “Junk Email Options” dialog box 
* lick “OK” to close the “Options” dialog box


* Click the “Options” button within “Email on the Web” 
* On the “Mail Options” screen, click the “Safe Lists” link 
* The “Options: Safe List” screen will appear, displaying your current safe list 
* You can add addresses to your safe list by typing an address in the box under “Add Address to Safe List” 
* Add *  
* Click the “Add” button to add the address to the list on the right 
* When you are finished, click the “Save” button

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