My Printer or Cash Drawer Are Not Working

This might have been caused by an update Window's has been pushing out for Internet Explorer recently, if you could check the following settings, and if these don't work we can set up a go to meeting later today to get this resolved for you.

First off; if the printer is not working check these settings:

Open Internet Explorer, select Tools (ALT+X) > Internet Options.
Once this is open, select the 'Security' Tab at the top, from here under 'Select a zone to view or change security settings.' click on the green Check mark that says 'Trusted Sites', after this is selected below it to the right the 'Sites' Icon should be clickable now, go ahead and select this and make sure the following is under the 'Websites:'



Where yoursystem is the name of your system... everything after the //*. should be your system's specific URL information.

If they are not, first make sure 'Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone' is UNCHECKED, go ahead and add them by typing them into 'Add this website to the zone:' and then selecting 'Close'

Once this is complete, on the 'Security' Tab again, look for the 'Custom level...' icon, click on this and a new window will pop up.
In this new window, scroll down on the settings box and look for 'ActiveX controls and plug-ins', once you find this, make sure all setting sin this field are set to to 'Enable', the last one is 'Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting'.  All of these settings should be set to 'Enable'

After this is done click OK and press Apply in the 'Internet Options' Dialogue box, and then click Ok.

Once this is down, close your Internet Explorer and open it again, now try navigating to your cash drawer to see if it will open.

If it does not, please reply back and I will send you meeting information to take a look at this.


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