Financial Summary Report

Financial Summary Report
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Run Report on Entered date or Effective Date
What is the difference.  

  • Entered date - is the computer time/date stamp.  Whenever a time stamp is included, it is an Entered Date.  This date cannot be changed, it is the actual time/date the transaction was recorded.
  • Effective date - this is the date that a transaction “counted”. The start date of a membership.  The real date a paper check was accepted, not necessarily the date it made it to the cash drawer.
  • Cash Drawer - run report by a single drawer, this may be used by organizations that organize specific work by cash drawer.

Payments - Receipts
Money Received in and entered into the system during the time period queried.
Payments - Non-Receipts
Payment types that are non-money; gift cards used, prepaid account finds used, No Charges and Write Offs.
Total sold denotes the value of goods sold, not necessarily payments taken in. This will include the TOTAL value of a membership or service sold. I.e. An Open term membership will allocate 36 scheduled payments.
Counter Sales (by Category & Subcategory)
Membership Sales (by Category & Subcategory)
Services Sales (by Category & Subcategory)
Grand Total Sales
Income by Income Categories - view details
Revenue Streams that cross over Memberships, Services and Counter sales.
None contains all the sales that have no income category set.
A more detailed breakdown of transactions by income category can be found by
choosing the View Details link next to the Income Categories header. The break
down will take you to the Financial Transactions report.
Expenses by Expense Categories - view details
Income VS. Expenses

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