Quickbooks Setup

Quick Books SETUP

  • Download and Install Remote Connect 
  • QuickBooks connector requires Windows Operating System for installation (MAC OS will require running a Windows Environment on the MAC)
  • Click on Reports – Financial – Financial Transactions
  • Select the Receivable Query or custom query that you would like to export and click search
  • Click on the Export to QuickBooks icon 
  • Click on the “Download Remote Connect”
  • Double click and run the connector.exe file


  • Configuring Router to Allow Transfer of Data between Shape and QuickBooks via the Internet
  • Port Forwarding needs to be set up for Port 22080 and computers IP address
  • Check to verify if port 22080 is open by using this site
  • Click on Proceed
  • Type in 22080 and select “User Specified Custom Port Probe”
  • If Port comes back “OPEN” then the connector should connect with QuickBooks
  • If Port come back “STEALTH” then Port Forwarding will need to be set up on your router


  • Setting Up Router
  • Open routers admin console by typing in the ip address in a browser. The IP is usually either or ( this is determined by your internet provider)
  • Enter the Admin user name and password ( this is determined by your internet provider)'
  • Please Contact your Internet Provider or IT Department for this information
  • Look for Port Forwarding (Enable Applications, Games & Others)
  • Enter your application name  (Can use either ShapeNet or QuickBooks)
  • Select the port  (22080) use the same port for Start and End .
  • If asked to choose between TCP and UDP, select both
  • Enter the IP address for your computer. If you do not know the IP address of your computer, open a command prompt and type in ipconfig  
  • Click on start button and type in CMD in search box.
  • Save Setting
  • Verify if port 22080 is now open by clicking URL above
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