Honeywell 2D Scanner Software Driver Installation Instructions

Checkin Scanner is on, but not capturing Checkins (you can hear the beep);

  • Open Notepad.  Go to Quick Functions -> Checkin.  Scan a card.  If you hear the beep but nothing displays on Notepad, follow the steps below:

1. From the PC 'Start' button, go to Settings -> Devices.  Check the list of Installed Devices.  Your scanner should be listed with the Make and Model of the device.  

If it is not and you not able to determine what the device name is from the list of choices, unplug the device to see which device disappears from the list.  Plug the device back in.  If the same incorrect name of the device comes up, scroll down to the Devices and Printers link and click.  Find the device that the scanner should be and click 'Troubleshoot'.  The error returned should tell you that the driver is not installed.  

2.  Follow the instructions for downloading the software driver from this link - > Honeywell Driver

3.  Reboot your PC.  Plug the scanner back in and the hardware should now find the new driver.

4.  Repeat the Notepad test above.  Your checkins should now be captured.

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