Generating Mass Emails

There are several ways you can generate a Mass Email through Shape, depending on the User group you would like to reach:

From your Quick Functions, go to Find User; ( or Functions-User-find User)
In the center of your screen, your User default is set to All.  You can change this to Members, Prospects, Guests, Administrators etc.,

To the right, set your User Status to Active (recommended);


When your data returns, there will be an icon on the top right of the list for 'Generate Mass Emails'.  Click this icon mceclip1.png.  The email list will generate  where you can compose your email to send.  

Be sure you select the 'DoNotReply' email address for you email to be sent from. 


There is also a drop down to select an email Template.   Here is the link to explain creating Email Templates.

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