How to Create and Manage a Punch Card Membership

  • You can create a punch card membership in the Shape system.

    Functions -> Memberships -> Add Type
  • Follow the steps for creating a membership type
  • Payment Frequency is typically Paid in Full.  Any visits not used will be lost when the membership auto-closes.
  • In the membership form there is a subtype that would default to Normal, hit the drop down and choose punch card. This will open an option for you to choose how many visits they get with this membership purchase.


  • Members that own this membership will have one punch deducted every time they swipe their membership card or are checked into the system manually.
  • The membership will auto-close when the last visit is deducted regardless of Term Date.
  • To adjust the number of visits for any reason, go to Quick Functions -> Memberships and enter your Member's name and Search.  Hover over Membership Actions and click on 'Adjust Visits'.


  • You cannot set the punch card visits remaining to 0.  Cancel the membership instead.



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