How to Create and Manage Discount Codes

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  • Code - The code entered here is the code that the client will need to use to apply the discount.
    • It might, for instance, match a groupon ( or something similar) code
    • It could be a code for use by the employees of a company with which you have set up a relationship which gives them a discount
    • You might also use this for long time clients as a code that they use for their agreed upon discount 
    • If left blank a code will be auto generated
  • Description - This is an internal description that is viewable on the view discount code list. This is a requred field. Examples of descriotions
    • March Groupon Code
    • 2017 Member Discount
    • City School District Member
  • Expiration Date - You can choose to have the discount expire on a certain date or continue until you decide to get rid of the discount
  • Discount Amount - Choose a percentage or a flat dollar value to be used. * The amount is deducted from the membership rate, not the initiation or joiner fee.*
  • Limit Usage - Will allow you to set a number of times this discount can be used. If the NONE boxed is checked, this code will have unlimited usage within the time frame allotted. 
  • Length of Discount (months/days): Discount rate will be applied to scheduled payment records. If there is a Length applied to the Discount Code, then only the Scheduled Payment records for the length defined will have the discount rate applied. (For example, if you only want it applied to the first scheduled payment you can set it to 1 day if you bill on a specific day or 1 month if you have a month in between each scheduled payment. If you want to give the discount on the first two payments, this field will be set to 2 months.




  • When clicking on view discount codes, the default query is non-expired(currently active) codes. This query can be changed to ALL, EXPIRED or CUSTOM query.
  • Choosing the EDIT function from the actions column allows you to change the perimeters of the code.
  • This report can be sorted by card ID, Description, Times Used, Amount Used, Start Date, Expiration Date and Date of Ussue 
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