Discount Codes- Creating and Managing

Functions- Point of Sale - Discount Codes



  • Code - The code entered here is the code that the client will need to use to apply the discount.
    • It might, for instance, match a groupon ( or something similar) code
    • It could be a code for use byt the employees of a company with which you have set up a relationship which gives them a discount
    • You might also use this for long time clients as a code that they use for their agreed upon discount 
    • If left blank a code will be auto generated
  • Description - This is an internal description that is viewable on the view discount code list. This is a requred field. Examples of descriotions
    • March Groupon Code
    • 2017 Member Discount
    • City School Distric Member
  • Expiration Date - You can choose to have the discount expire on a certain date or continue until you decide to get rid of the discount
  • Discount Amount - Choose a percentage or a flat dollar value to be used. * The amount is deducted from the membership rate, not the initiation or joiner fee.*
  • Limit Usage - Will allow you to set a number of times this discount can be used. If the NONE boxed is checked, this code will have unlimited usage within the time frame alloted. 



  • When clicking on view discount codes, the default query is non-expired(currently active) codes. This query can be changed to ALL, EXPIRED or CUSTOM query.
  • Choosing the EDIT function from the actions column allows you to change the perimeters of the code.
  • This report can be sorted by card ID, Description, Times Used, Amount Used, Start Date, Expiration Date and Date of Ussue 
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