Send SMS Text Message from Trainer Portal

Sending SMS texts messages are Security controlled.  To allow Trainers to send SMS texts from the Trainer Portal, first enable the security under the Trainer's Security.

Find User;

Enter Last Name of Trainer;

Click the Security link in the Actions column;

Click the + next to FUNCTIONS to expand the Functions;

Click the + next to MARKETING to expand;

Enable SMS to allow the Trainer to send text messages.


From the Trainer Portal:

1.  Functions -> Users -> View Members

     Enter Member's Last Name and Search.

***Note - If there is a cell phone number populated in the Member's Details, there will be a link in the Actions column to send SMS.


2.  Functions -> Services -> View Services

     Enter Member's Last Name and Search.


3.  Functions -> Users -> View Prospects.

     SMS Text messages can also be sent to Prospects.



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