Release 8230 Notes May 2017

The following updates were applied to your system on: 5/17/2017 
Number of releases to date in 2017: 2  


  • We are introducing the NEW look for the Member Portal go take a peek 
    • Go to tools>system settings>member portal settings>select 2017-member portal  
  • We are also introducing the NEW trainer APP! We will send out information soon!  
  • Class registration process has been enhanced. Your members can select a class and if they are prompted to purchase a service, once purchased, it will bring them back to the original class they selected to complete the registration.  
  • Are you using the Texting service? It is by far worth every cent- You no longer need to ask your members for their cell provider. It will update all your members and any new ones will be updated when you add them. Contact us!  
  • New - we have the ability to require and modify a member’s Company name. It can be added modified by the admin or the member on the member portal.  
  • New - Added the ability to clone an existing class  
    • Go to Functions > classes>view types > search > edit the class > add the type and change display name  
  • New - We have added the ability to purchase a punch pass when adding a member  
    • Add User > Purchase Membership > (must have Punch Pass as a membership type)  
  • New - members have the ability to filter their Assessments by the assessment group  
  • New - You can hide class capacity now on the member portal  
    • Tools > System Settings > Member Portal Settings > Show CLASS CAPACITY: Default will be ON  
  • New - Trainers can TEXT from the trainer portal when viewing members or viewing services  
  • New - When converting a prospect to a member, now the EFT system setting carries over 
  • NEW - When purchasing a membership from the add user screen it will now Prorate.  


  • Updated the Forecasted Revenue Report to add filtering for services by payment frequency, session type and package status  
    • Reports > Financial > Forecasted Revenue > Custom Query  
  • New - The ability to download the assessment summary comparison report to excel or pdf has been added  
    • Reports > Assessments > Assessment Summary Comparison  
  • We have added the ability to locate all members that have simple addons  
    • View Memberships > Custom Query > check Simple AddOn: will return those members that have the addons  
  • NEW - Gateway approval codes can be found in the Financial Transactions Report  
    • View it under Financial Transactions > custom query  
  • EFT forecast Report can be queried by open, renew, reopen or upgrade/downgrade  
    • Reports > Memberships > EFT Forecast Report (select from the drop-down actions)  
  • Net Growth has been added to the Management Membership Metrics Report  
    • Reports > Membership > Membership Metrics Report  


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