How do you remove all open appointments and delete a trainer?

To find and remove unresolved appointments for trainers, follow these steps:

Quick Functions >> Find User, Quick Menu >> View Trainers

Under the trainer you wish to remove, click "delete" under the actions column.

Please use caution in this screen as a the delete option is not reversible. If the trainer has no open appointments and you would like to save the history, mark the trainer as inactive instead.

When you choose to delete a trainer, the system will prompt you to type "1234" to confirm deletion. It then looks for any unresolved appointments.  You will see a message on the screen that shows the following:

Trainer [trainer-name] cannot be DELETED because of ## prior and/or future Scheduled Appointments that are unresolved.
Please mark these appointments as done, delete, or swap them to a different trainer and then DELETE.
View a list of these unresolved appointments.

Once you choose to view the list of unresolved appointments, you can use the option on the top right of the results to "remove all past open appointments".



Once the appointments are removed, you can delete the trainer.

If you need to delete future appointments for a trainer, you can go to Sched Matrix >> Quick Menu >> Future Appts. Search on the member last name that is scheduled and remove.

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