Purchasing POS Items on Credit / 'Bill Me Later'

  • Memberships and Packages are purchased before payment, to leave these as open balance - do not apply a payment
  • POS items can be put 'on-account', but the product needs to have that option checked on its description page
To do this...

  1. Functions - > Point of Sale -> Product List
  2. Find the desired product
  3. From the Actions column, click the Edit link
  4. Find and enable the "Allow Bill Later" boxallow_bill_later.png
  5. click Save
Purchase the item normally...

  1. After Selecting Member
  2. Choose Payment Method 'Bill Member Later'bill_member_later.png

      3.  Click Submit

***NOTE - To push the Next Bill Date to the 1st of the upcoming month, go to Tools -> System Settings -> Other Settings.  "POS Check out, default to TODAY for BILL MEMBER LATER option:" should be disabled.  If enabled, the due date will be the date the item is purchased.


Your purchase will be successful, with 'Money Due'.  

To Bill Later...

  • Financial Transations
  1. Reports -> Financial -> Open Balances (POS)
  2. Use Quick Pay link in the Actions column to pay any balance
  • POS Credit Manager

      1.  Quick Functions -> View Members, enter Member's name and 'Search'

      2.  In the 'Actions' column, click the POS Credit Manager linkpay_item.png

      3.  Click the 'Pay Item' link

      4.  Pay for the item as normalpay_item2.png

***NOTE - Only POS items purchased on credit will display in the POS Credit Manager.  

  •     From EFT

      1.  Functions -> EFT -> Create Batch

      2.  Create your batch as normal.  The 'Category' will be COUNTER or COMBINED


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