How to refund a point of sale Item

How to Refund a Point of Sale item

  1. Reports -> Financials -> Financial Transactions
  2. Use Custom query options to locate the transaction
  3. Click the 'Return' link in the Actions column next to the transaction
  4. Choose payment method Credit Card Saved (or Swipe)
  5. click Submit
  6. Refund will Process

***If it fails...

1. Was the card the same as the one used in the purchase, use the correct one?

2. If client, have you filled out the specified paperwork to allow refunds (search KB for for instructions)

3. If neither of the above is true process again, but in step 5, click bypass gateway, then click submit - refund will NOT process except within Shape.  Login to your gateway,, or Open Edge to process a refund.

To refund a payment for a membership or a service search KB on keyword Reverse

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