Auto-DONE Sessions Using Check-in Swipe


If Members are on the Schedule Matrix, either registered for a Class or one-on-one training, their session will be marked as DONE and session depleted upon Checkin.  The DONE action is time managed.  You can request an interval to set for the checkin to mark the session DONE 15 minutes before or 15 after the class begins.

For example you have a Class that begins at 9:00am and your interval is set to 15min before and 15min after class begins.

  • Member A checks-in at 8:45am.  
  • Member B checks-in at 9:15am.
  • Member C checks-in at 8:30am.  

Only Members A and B's sessions will be marked as DONE.

Please Note** Checkin Options - If you would like your system to auto-DONE your Member's sessions when they check-in, please submit a Support Ticket.

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