How to Schedule a Class on the Station Matrix

  • A trainer must be entered into your system in order to schedule a class.  To do this go to Functions-> Users-> Add User; user type =Trainer.  (Note: This step is optional if this isn't an instructor/trainer led class)
  • At least one station must be available for scheduling.  Go to Functions-> Scheduler-> Stations, from drop down menu select [Add Station].
  • Give the station a code or name for identification; for example, kickboxrm1or bike1.
  • Add a brief description of the station; select or add an appropriate category.
  • Choose whether trainer and/or members can view online.
  • Click [Add Station]
  • A class type must be added to your system before you can schedule the class.  Go to Functions-> Classes-> Add Type.
  • Enter up to 10 characters for the [Class ID] field - no spaces, or non-alpha/num characters, (only seen by staff)
  • 30 character Display ID - displayed for purchasing by admins and members
  • Add a full description of the class
  • [Session Charge] - enter the amount of sessions deducted from a member's service package for attending the class; typically 1.
  • Enter the value of the class in the [Price] field
  • Select the correct class length
  • Save
  • A member must own a service package to register and attend a class.  
  • Go to Functions-> Services-> Purchase (assuming you have added the correct service type for purchase).
  • Type in the last name of the member that wants to schedule personal training, and search.
  • Under the actions column, click [Purchase] and select the appropriate service package.
  • You can [Make first payment] now if desired, or wait till a later date.
Now that a trainer has been added to your system, a station has been created, the class type has been created, and the service package is available for purchase by your clients, you can now schedule.
  1. Go to Functions-> Scheduler-> Station Matrix; select the month and click on the appropriate day from the calendar.
  2. Search by Station Category or Station Id, and enter the day you want to schedule.
  3. Under the correct station, find the correct time of the class and click [Sched].
  4. Select a trainer from the drop down menu. **NOTE - if this is not a Trainer led class, leave the Trainer at 'No Trainer' and House Trainer will be assigned
  5. Appointment for: [Classes]
  6. Select the correct class from the drop down menu to the right of class; class type added in Step:3 above
  7. Enter the capacity of the class
  8. Enter the appropriate class length (workout length)
  9. If this is a recurring class, select [yes] for Perm Appt and the number of repeating weeks.
  10. Add any appropriate class notes
  11. Click [Add Appointment]
**Note: the scheduled class will now appear on the [Station Matrix] and trainer schedule (if Trainer was selected).  To add member's to the class click on the class from the station matrix, and click add member under the actions column.
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