Not receiving SMS Alerts, how to make texting more efficient

Not Receiving SMS Alerts

Check the User Profile

  • There is a number in the cell phone field (remove the dashes)
  • Enable SMS Alerts is Checked
  • Cell Provider is listed
  • Also please consider updating the carrier through our carrier updating service See below

This captures the cell carrier when added to shapenet, so you don’t have to ask the member when adding.

Also, gym can run a SYNC every 2-3 months to correct any cell numbers where the carrier has changed. We have several reports where you can send a mass text, including members that owe money.

Less than 20% of emails are opened verses over 90% of texts. Texting is a VERY EFFECTIVE way to communicate to your members.

Cost: $12 monthly, ½ cent per carrier update. Sending texts is FREE.

For example, if you run the SYNC to correct 1,000 cell numbers, the cost is $5.

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