Welcome Email for member added by an administrator including login ID and password reset option

When a new member is added to the system by an administrator, the member will receive an email from Shape that will give them their login ID only. No passwords will be sent through email from Shape. This is a requirement to be PCI Compliant.  This login is used for the member portal and the mobile app.

This email is enabled under Tools >> System Settings >> Member Portal Settings:

Auto Send Email with Member Login Info

The email will send the following:


Welcome to Method Fitness

You are receiving this email to confirm that you have successfully been added as a member at Method Fitness. 
Login Form:
Login Id: lastname-firstname

To obtain a password, please select "reset password" on the member portal:


If you are not using the member portal, you can disable this email.  If a member doesn't remember their password, they can reset it using the link in the email  or an admin can go to Quick Functions >> View Members and pull up the member by last name. Choose Access Control under the actions column and change the password. Once the member logins to the member portal or mobile app with the new password, they will be prompted to change it again.

This email is not controlled by a template so there is not a way to change it at this time.  

**Please note that only members added by an administrator will receive this email.  If a member joins through the member portal, their login is their email and a unique password that they set. The same steps can be followed for access control if the password needs to be reset.**

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