Adding a guest to a class or PT session

In order to add a guest to the schedule, you will need to [purchase] them a service package (i.e. free trial package, special promo, etc).

Step 1: Create a Service Type for Guest Purchase
Go to: Functions-> Services-> Add Type; create a service package for guests.  For example, the service package could be 2 weeks free, 5 PT sessions for $50, etc. 

Step 2: Purchase Service and Schedule 
Next, go to: Quick Functions->Purchase Services

  • Find the guest or query by searching for their last name
  • Under the actions column, to the left of the guest's name, click [Purchase Service]
  • Find and select the free package/trial package or special deal you have created for your guests.
  • When scheduling from the Sched Matrix, this user will now appear from the drop down menu for members w/ services.
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