How to create a Class Type

Create a Class Type

  • Functions -> Classes -> Add Type
  • Class Type ID:  The Class Type ID is limited to 10 characters.  No spaces or special characters (except an underscore) are allowed.
  • Display Name:  Enter the common name for the class.  This will be visible to your member on the Member Portal as well as the Mobile App
  • Description:  Enter a brief description of the class
  • Session Charge:  This defaults to one as 1 session charged is the norm.
  • Priority:  Setting a priority on your class will determine its place on the screen.  The higher the priority, the closer to the top of the screen it will be
  • Session Length (min):  Enter the minimum length the class can be
  • Payroll Code:  If your Instructors are paid a different amount per class.  **For more on Payroll Codes, see the Trainer Payroll Configuration document.
  • Class Sub-type:  Normal or Group Training. 
  • Normal - only apply class charge to trainer payroll.
  • Group Training - apply class charge to trainer payroll AND apply individuals to trainer payroll
  • Price:  Entering a price is only necessary if the class is sold online to non-members.
  • Member Can View:  Enable this setting to yes if you are using the Member Portal or Member App for online class scheduling
  • Padding Time:  Add padding time if you need extra time after the class for cleanup or instructor breaks
  • Apply Class Charge to Trainer Payroll: 


  • Class Category.  Categories are defined in Tools -> System Settings -> Field Definitions -> Class Categories.  Grouping similar Class Types under a single category provides more functional filtering for the Member online. 
  • Allow one class registration per day.  This setting will limit how many times a Member can sign up for the same Class Type in a single day.  For example, if you offer a very popular Yoga class 3 times a day, a Member may want to sign up for all of them but only go to the one that best suits their schedule.  This may cause an issue for capacity restricted classes.
  • Max number of members on waitlist.  Leave it blank for unlimited members

     **Optional settings

  • Weekday cancel cut-off in hours: Use only if this specific class has different cancel cut-off hours from you System Settings during the week.
  • Weekend cancel cut-off in hours:  Use only if this specific class has different cancel cut-off hours from you System Settings during the week.
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