How to create a Program Class Series

Class Series

This function allows you to create a grouping of class sessions called a Program or Class Series. A program is comprised of (and requires) a single class type and single service type. The Program has a beginning and an end functions as a unit. Members purchase the program as whole.

Note** ~ If you also offer the Class Type as a regular class offered throughout the year, create a separate Class Type apart from the Class Type created for the Program Series.

Example: Creating a Bootcamp Program 
1. Create Class Type: Navigate to Functions > Classes > Add Type and create a NORMAL class type called Bootcamp.

2. Create Service Type: Navigate to Functions > Services > Add Type and create a bootcamp service type. Limit Scheduling of this service type to Certain Classes Only and select the Bootcamp class created in step 1. The number of sessions will not matter since this will be overridden at purchase based on the number of classes in the program. Pricing will also be overridden at purchase.

3. Create the Program: Navigate to Functions > Classes > Programs and select Add Program from the dropdown. Choose a title (ex: Bootcamp - Fall 2010), enter a worthy description and then select the Bootcamp class type from the dropdown. Then choose a Service type, enter in the appropriate settings and click Add Class Series. You have just created a Program with a status of PENDING.

4. Add Classes to Program: From the View Programs list, select Manage Schedule for your program. On that page, add classes to the program and then Save the program. The classes will be entered to the Schedule Matrix.

5. Activate the Program: Once the schedule has been created, you need to edit the program and make it ACTIVATE. Only then will your clients be able to buy it.

**Review the detailed PDF for additional instruction on purchasing the series**

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