Create a Collections Batch

The collections feature allows you to send a list of members to a collections agency. To start the collections process you will need to set up an account with First Credit Services, Inc. (, 1-800-606-7066 – Ext. 2019.

Once your account is set up they will send Shape your codes for us to set up in your system.

Phase 1 (cost is $12 per member ->> $10 per member for first 50 or first file to try process)
Phase-1 is a customer service driven program designed to keep your customers paying on time and in terms of their monthly service agreements with Shape.Net. Our letters and calls are customer service in nature, and combine customer service with collections. 3 letters and 3 calls to member. Our goal is to get your customer current on their balance, before they become a 90+ day problem Phase-1 is proven to increase cash flow and customer retention, and most importantly alleviate your staff's time to concentrate on income producing tasks. It allows you to focus on what you do best - growing your business. Not chasing money! It eliminates hours of tedious, non-income producing labor and resources. Phase-1 is the easiest, most efficient, and cost effective way to manage early stage delinquencies

Phase-2 Full Service Collections (agency fee is 40%)
Phase-2 is designed for 90 + day delinquencies, where customer service efforts have been exhausted. These are true collection accounts. These customers are ignoring their obligation to pay the balance due. We pursue the full-accelerated balance of your service agreements. We deliver the highest recovery rates in the industry and thrive on superior customer service. There is no agency in the industry with more experience in health & fitness collections. We know how to deliver results on your delinquent accounts while maintaining your goodwill.

To create a batch to send to collections:

  1. Functions >> Collections >> Create batch
  2. Choose from the Open Balances Memberships or Open Balances Services report
  3. Choose Phase 1 or Phase 2 (see the collections information in your Shape system to see the difference). Hit Continue
  4. Edit batch to remove any members that you do not want sent to collections. Members awaiting finalization in an EFT batch will default to not be included.
  5. Please download batch and send to
  6. Once file is received, Shape.Net will begin process for collections by the next business day.
  7. Members will have a status of "Collections either phase 1 or 2"
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