Exporting to QuickBooks

  1. Click on Reports, Financial, Financial Transactions
  2. Choose the appropriate Receivables query to run, or run a custom query
  3. Above/right of the resulting table, click on Export To Quick Books
    3a.  FIRST RUN ONLY:  Click on "Download Remote Connect", follow the download instructions
    3b.  SUBSEQUENT RUNs, ensure that the Remote Connect is running
  4. Review the "Export to QuickBooks Link" Column, ensuring the proper items are checked and repeat items are not checked (items with time/date stamps have already been downloaded)
  5. Click on Export Selected Transactions
  6. Quickbooks should take it from here!

  • This does not support Online Quickbooks
  • Each transaction takes about 2-3 seconds to download, do not click Export more than one time - this may cause DUPLICATE transactions to download
  • Do a trial export to a EMPTY company file to review the results, before running live
  • We suggest limiting the number of transactions downloaded to 100 at a time
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