Brivo Process for New Members

When adding a New Member into Shape, enter the Card ID into the 'Card ID' field.  After entering the other demographic information for the Member on the Member Details screen, click 'Save'.

Below the icons of the Member Details page, look for the 'Access Control' link and click.

  • Under the section for Facility Access - BRIVOONAIR, enter the 'Expires Date' for Term Memberships

        **Note - for ongoing M2M memberships, enter a term date of 12/31/2025.  After you update the User,this field will be blank.

  • Check the Access Group (Brivoonair default Access Groups are Staff and Visitors.  This can be updated in your Brivo system.  You can also add Access Groups if you have more groups.)
  • Click the button 'update user button
  • Your Access Control page will now look like the image below
  • Your Member is now synched with Brivo

      **Note - For Term Memberships with an Expiration Date:  Members will become Inactive in Shape on the expiration date as well as in Brivo.  They will not be able to gain access.  You are also able to lock Members out of your club using the 'Lock Now' button.  You may want to lock a Member out who is past due.  To unlock the Member, there will be an 'Unlock Now' button.


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