Freezing a Service with Recurring Billing

To freeze a member's active service, go to Quick Functions -> View Packages.  

Search by lastname on service.  

To the left of the appropriate service, click [Freeze].  Set the Freeze start date and freeze end date; enter a reason for the freeze and click [apply].  Notice that you do not have the option of setting a period rate price during the freeze, like you can with a membership freeze.

To change the scheduled payments during a freeze:

  1. Go to View Services; search by lastname on service and change the query to [all services].
  2. Click [Scheduled Payments] to the left of the frozen service
  3. Click on the scheduled payment date you would like to change; from here you can change when that payment is due.
  4. Click [edit] to the left of a scheduled payment due you would like to change, or even click [delete] to remove completely. 
To unfreeze a service:
  1. Go to View Services; change the query to [all services] and enter lastname on frozen service.
  2. To the left of the frozen service, under the Action column, click [Unfreeze/Modify Freeze].
  3. Set to unfreeze date and click [Change Unfreeze Date*]. 
NOTE: A member will still be able to log into the member portal during a freeze, but will not be able to register for a class/appt.  If they do try to register and they have a frozen package, they will receive a message that says "You do not own a service package that allows for registration in this class."
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