How can I Delete a Package for a Member?


Delete a Package

  1.  From your Quick Functions, click the 'View Packages' link
  2. Enter the last name of the Member and click Search
  3. In the Actions column, click the 'Delete' link

**Note - If you delete this package, all package history (any actions like done, no show, etc. ) will be deleted forever. THIS ACTION IS NOT REVERSIBLE. Any financial transactions and sales commissions associated with this package will remain, unless you explicitly choose to remove them by checking the appropriate box. Since these transactions will be gone forever, you must explicitly confirm this action. Any future appointments associated with this package will remain scheduled and can be removed with the 'Future Appt' function of the Sched Matrix. A history transaction and an audit record will be created to track this action.


      4.  Check the box next to "Delete ALL financial transactions and commissions associated with this package FOREVER?" and enter 1234.

      5.  Enter an audit note and click 'Delete Package'.

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