New Member Financial Report

New Member Financial Report

New Member Financials Report
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Usage:  To review the sales price, rates, initiations charged to new sales, and the amounts collected by sales representatives.
Additional feature: can assign sales reps to a sale

Search Criteria
Default Query - Today

By default the report is set to look up a member that may have checked in to day.  But you are not limited to just today’s checkins
  • Year to Date
  • Last Month
  • Month to Date
  • Yesterday

Custom Query options provide the ability set the Entered date, or between which entered dates to query.

The results presented are
  • Member: the member purchasing the membershp
  • Entered and Start Date: the date the membership was purchased, and the start date of the membership
  • Membership Type:  the name of the membership purchased (the type definition from the system)
  • Action:  whether it was an Open, Renew, or Reopen
  • Initi Fee:  joining fee
  • Period Rate:  the amount paid per frequency
  • Contract Value:  total value of contract sold, initiation fee, payments due, and any other contractual fees
  • First Paid Amount:  amount calculated in first payment
  • Sales Rep:  sales person assign to the sale

Totals presented on
  • Number of memberships sold
  • Initiation Fees
  • Period Rates
  • Contract Rates

Report Cannot be downloaded, however it can be scraped and copied into Excel.  Highlight the areas to copy - Right click, Copy, open Excel or Word, Right click, Paste.
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